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November 14, 2011
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He was freezing. Snow fell from the dark sky and frost covered the roads. The ground was already white and deep enough to sink in to your knees.
Despite his winter coat, scarf and mitts, he felt the chill to his bones and huddled on the bench stiffly. Lights lit up the streets and decorations of red and green and gold hung up everywhere. It looked festive and warm, unlike the feel of reality.
Annoyance was tugging at him. How come it was he who had to wait for the bus while his sister and friends paid for hot chocolate in a warm, toasty coffee shop? Were they trying to give him frostbite? If he didn't have it yet, he surely would soon.
"Hey, Len," said a deep voice from behind him. Turning slightly, I lifted a frozen hand to push the damp golden locks from his eyes. Before him stood a tall man clad in snow gear in shades of purple. Holding a large, steaming cup of hot chocolate.
Relief filled him. "Gee, Gakupo, that wouldn't happen to be for me, would it?" he asked hopefully.
Gakupo, with a completely serious look on his face, smiled slightly and shook his head. "Absolutely-not." The hope was stepped and stomped on, just like a candle being put out. Anger built in his chest.
Then, Gakupo laughed and handed it over.
"Of course it is, shortcake," he said, a crooked smile on his face. Len's face turned red and he glared at him.
"Don't call me that."
"Don't call you what, shortcake?"
Len stood up and turned to face him full on, almost forgetting he held a cup of hot chocolate in his hand. He barely came up to Gakupo's shoulder, but he towered over him.
"I said, don't call me shortcake," he growled, then plopped down on the bench. Where was everyone else? Why of all people was Gakupo out making fun of him when he could be sitting at a chair in the shop?
Gakupo's face lit up in a slow, devious grin. Len glared ahead, trying not to look at him. He hated to admit it but Gakupo looked hot when he smiled like that. In fact, he looked hot all the time. Gakupo himself could be a blazing beacon…
Len shook himself mentally and told himself to get a grip on himself. What was he thinking? Gakupo was a friend, and more importantly, a guy. Len didn't like guys, he liked girls. Right?
"So, you don't like me calling you shortcake?" Gakupo said slowly, tilting his head to the side. Hair fell infront of his eyes, eyes the most beautiful color Len had ever seen. He wanted to push Gakupo's hair out of his eyes so he could look at them.
"No, I don't want you calling me that," Len huffed, sipping his hot chocolate. It held a hint of vanilla, just the way he liked it.
It became quiet. That was unusual since Gakupo was out there.
Len turned, lifting his face up and was shocked to find Gakupo's face inches away from his. Len's breath caught in his throat at the sheer beauty of Gakupo, his gem-like eyes shining mischievously, his lips slightly parted in a smile.
Gakupo's warm breath fanned out over his face, the scent of vanilla and coffee swirling in Lens brain. He felt a warm finger touch his chin, lifting his face up further.
"Gakupo-," Len stuttered, but Gakupo cut him off.
"I wont call you shortcake. I won't call you a bean or a mouse or an ant or anything like that," he murmured, his hand cupping Lens chin. "There is something I want to call you though, very badly. If you'll let me."
Len's mind processed these words slowly. He felt his heartbeat thudding in his chest, out of control.
Gakupo smiled softly and just barely touched his lips to Lens. "I want to call you mine." With that, Gakupo pressed his lips to Lens in what must have been the most tender, most passionate kiss ever. Len melted into the kiss immediately, unable to resist giving it back with a fierce longing.
Len's heart burst in his chest and he threw his arms around Gakupo's neck. Gakupo's free arm wrapped around the smaller boys waist and pulled him to him, practically lifting Len off the ground.
Tongues clashed and both were clinging to eachother as though they floated in the see and the only life-raft was the other. Neither wanted anything else in the world.
When they finally parted, Gakupo moved his face away no more then an inch. A smile played on his face and he again brushed Lens lips in a soft kiss. Len felt exhilarated and for the first time, felt his heart swell with an eternal happines.
Slowly, Len smiled and buried his face against Gakupo's chest.
"Merry Christmas," came Gakupo's muffled voice from Len's hair. Len realized he no longer felt the cold of winter.
"Merry Christmas, Gakupo."
XD I was talking with ~RinXLenForever and i decided to do a story about my favorite vocaloid, Len.

Gay couples have to be the cutest thing in the world! The whole Christmas part is since its getting close(not amazingly close but thats ok)

Hope everyone likes it.
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lol thank u i gonna read ur story nowz
its AMAZING! i love it ^.^ and its not too dirty. i was afraid i'd get into trouble after reading it
No, i'm DRAWING it. and when im done, im going to post it as a story-ish thing.
XD i cant wait
I gonna finish the Valentines day one and put it up tomorrow
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PaMonk Nov 14, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome! thank you for sharing it! it was great.
thank you
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